Loveladies Property Owner's Association
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president's message

Welcome to the new and improved Loveladies Property Owners Association website. We hope
through the website and periodic email blasts, information important to residents of Loveladies will be
distributed for your use.
The Loveladies Property Owners Association (LPOA) was founded in 1951. Over those many years, the organization has served as both a voice proponent for Loveladies and a distributor of information important to life and property in this community. The 16 members of the Board of Trustees,
all volunteers, attend every meeting of the Long Beach Township (LBT) Board of Commissioners, attend
meetings of the LBI Joint Taxpayers Association, conduct two public meetings during the summer
months, publish a digital directory of members and maintain the Loveladies “Welcome” Sign and Flag on the
boulevard at the southern entrance to our community.
Many of the property owners in Loveladies have a permanent residence elsewhere and do not
vote in Long Beach Township nor are they familiar with the many offices of local governance. Those
property owners who maintain LBT as a permanent address are few, approximately 15%. To strengthen
the “Loveladies voice” the LPOA has established a positive working relationship with the local
government to help ensure issues of common community concern are presented and followed.
LPOA is a not-for-profit organization established under IRS guidelines. As such, the organization
may not “lobby” for any candidate or issue. We can and do however collect and disseminate information
that may affect the way of life and property in Loveladies. That is the charter and it has been successful
since LPOA was created.
Many of your friends and neighbors are also members of the organization. In fact, over 51% of
the nearly 1,000 households in Loveladies are members of LPOA. While 51% is the highest percentage
of membership in any LBI community, 100% is the goal. Loveladies is a place of summer fun, both
active and restful. It is also a year-round home for many people. If someone on your street is not a
member kindly invite them to sign up. Membership information is distributed to every household each
The next public meeting will feature 'Meet the Mayor' and will be held in late June at the
Foundation of Arts and Sciences. The Annual Membership Meeting will be held in late August. Both
meetings include topics of interest and a brunch.
I hope you come back to the website periodically, participate in local discussions and continue to
enjoy life in Loveladies.

Lewis Nagy, President
Loveladies Property Owners Association


Lewis Nagy

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