Median Beautification

Periodically a resident will inquirer about the aesthetics of the
median “islands” between the north- and southbound lanes of the boulevard for the entire
length of Loveladies. Here is information.
Beautification of the boulevard has a long history.
The Loveladies Property Owners Association (LPOA) manages the small landscaped area
at the southern entrance to Loveladies. Annually, through the membership-driven budget,
LPOA contracts with a landscaper to keep that portion aesthetically pleasing. (the
landscaping hides black vent pipes). Also through the budget LPOA maintains the
flag/pole and the Loveladies "Welcome" sign.
The boulevard and the grass median dividing the roadway are owned and maintained by The Ocean County Government (not Long Beach Township).
County government workers can be seen regularly cutting the grass and using a street
sweeping vehicle.
Back to the problems......To achieve a good looking grass median with plantings in a
barrier island setting requires consistent watering. Beyond the sign area, no water service
to the approximately 2-mile Loveladies median exists. Also, the flagpole installer
informed us that the existing median is located on top of the old Boulevard roadway.
Therefore, the median soils are only a few inches deep.
Many years ago, trees were purchased/installed at intervals along the median.
Unfortunately, due to the outlined problems the plantings all perished.
The Ocean County government has been responsive to LPOA’s request to repave the
Boulevard roadway. The repaving project is scheduled for completion before the next
summer season. The county engineer’s office, as part of the roadway repaving, agreed to
install a conduit under the new road to support electric lighting for the flag and sign.
We hope this provides insight to the median situation as we know it. At this point in time
beautification is not on the table. In the future perhaps a “grass roots” plan to provide
resources to “beautify” the Loveladies medians will materialize. Anyone interested ?

Erin Buterick